London Fashion Week, 2020 (video)

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This video was made together with Thomas de Rijk, in collaboration with Duran Lantink and Angel-Ho for London Fashion Week 2020.

For this digital season Duran Lantink had the honour to invite Angel-Ho to take over his platform. Having first worked with Angel-Ho on 2019 project Sistaaz of the Castle, Lantink invited the multi-disciplinary artist to take over his London Fashion Week slot.

Duran Lantink is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam. Lantink's aim is to produce collections that are both sustainable, ethical and innovative, having worked with diverse communities such as the homeless community in Amsterdam and sex workers in Cape Town. Lantink is known for his commitment to upcycling in fashion, using discarded luxury garments to produce his collections.

Angelo Antonio Valerio AKA Angel-Ho is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in videography, sound design, production, composing and performance art.

Dynamic CGI animation + green screen video editing.

Duration: 1 min (loop).