Forever Online, 2017

Dynamic CGI animation, rendered in 3D software.

Forever Online
draws on the inexhaustibility of the Internet and the limitless potential of technology. The video explores the ways in which we are shaped by external, often digital influences, such as social media. The work aims to give shape to, what a lot of people seem to call, a generation of shameless self-glorification and narcissism. But underneath that, is extreme insecurity and dissatisfaction. On social media, we construct a utopian, virtual, idealistic version of ourselves but virtual reality is empty, it’s nothingness. Or is it the ultimate form of narcissism and have we created a virtual self that will be forever online?

Forever Online was part of the exhibition My Own Private Idaho #1 at Gouvernement, Ghent, Apocalypse, a working title at Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo and Fashionclash Festival 2017 in Maastricht.

Curated by Laurens Mariën (Gouvernement) and Valentina Gal and Sjors Bindels (Museum van Bommel van Dam) and Fashionclash Festival.

For inquiries: thomas@plus-one.be.

Duration: 15 min (loop).
Animations: Daan Couzijn and Tim Straver.

An excerpt from the video.