Forever Online, 2017 (video installation)

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Forever Online was part of the exhibition My Own Private Idaho #1 at Gouvernement, Ghent, Apocalypse, a working title at Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo and Fashionclash Festival 2017 in Maastricht.

Forever Online is a 15 min video in which Couzijn drew on the inexhaustiblity of the Internet and the limitless potential of technology. The video explores the ways in which we are shaped by external, often digital influences, such as social media.

"Fascinated by online presence, I'm noticing I’m slightly obsessed with the control I can have over my own image on social media platforms such as Instagram. I find it very satisfying. At the same time, it’s causing somewhat of a distorted reality because it separates actual reality from virtual reality. And once you prefer virtual reality, where does that leave the 'authentic' you? If there even is one. In this project I explored this concept by having physically, so to speak, stepped into virtual reality. By creating and animating a 3D model of myself and placing it in different scenes and situations. By doing this, I’m trying to give shape to, what a lot of people seem to call; a generation of shameless self-glorification and narcissism. But underneath that, is that extreme insecurity and dissatisfaction. You build your own utopian, virtual, idealistic version of yourself but virtual reality is empty, it’s nothingness. Or is it the ultimate form of narcissism and have you created a virtual self that will be forever online?" - Daan Couzijn.

Curated by Laurens Mariën (Gouvernement), Valentina Gal, Sjors Bindels (Museum van Bommel van Dam) and Fashionclash Festival.

Dynamic CGI animation, rendered in 3D software.
Duration: 15 min (loop).
Animations: Daan Couzijn and Tim Straver.

A scene from the video.