Fat Guy Dancing, 2018 (video)

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Fat Guy Dancing was part of the exhibition Eye See You at Not In New York in Rotterdam and was shown during Art Rotterdam 2019. 

In this group exhibition the artists were inspired by the theories of The Gaze. 

The Gaze is the act of seeing and being seen. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre believed that we as human beings only become aware of ourselves when we realize that we are visible objects, which leads us to objectify ourselves in the same way that the other does simply by looking at us. In psychoanalysis, The Gaze describes the anxious state that comes with the (un)awareness that we are being viewed. Fat Guy Dancing aims to show the desirable beauty of someone who seems unaffected by this phenomenon.

Curated by Charlie Koolhaas (Not In New York) and Valentina Gal and Heske ten Cate (Art Rotterdam).

Dynamic CGI animation, rendered in 3D software.
Duration: 2 min (loop).