Drying My Tears In The Cooling Fan, 2018

Computer-controlled wind machine(s), static CGI image, rendered in 3D software, printed on textile.

Drying My Tears In The Cooling Fan
aims to showcase the manufactural qualities of melancholy, as often seen in contemporay visual culture of today. In contemporary society, sadness often seems to be designed to serve an existential desire to be acknowledged and affirmed. As if sadness can only be legitimised when it is seen by others.

Melancholy - a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause - has been a driving force of inspiration for Couzijn. He feels there’s something about melancholy that is insufferably attractive, almost contagious. It is precisely that infectious quality that piques his interest.Through the work, the artist responds to the natural human desire to be recognised and validated. By emphasising a way of exhibiting sadness as a form of resistance, the work examines a sadness that is loud and that wants to be heard. A sadness that craves an audience as well as the right to exist. The works consists of a CGI image depicting a crying person, printed on a colossal banner of synthetic satin. The kinetic installation involves wind machines, causing the shiny fabric to softly move.

Drying My Tears In The Cooling Fan was part of the exhibition Radical Cut-Up at Melkweg Expo, My Own Private Idaho #1 at Gouvernement and OAS1° 5 at De School in Amsterdam.

Curated by Lukas Feireiss (Melkweg Expo), Symbyosys (De School) and Laurens Mariën (Gouvernement).

For inquiries: thomas@plus-one.be.

1 print: 200 x 300 cm