Drying My Tears In The Cooling Fan, 2018 (installation)

Drying My Tears In The Cooling Fan was part of the exhibition Radical Cut-Up at Melkweg Expo and OAS1° 5 at De School in Amsterdam.

Drying My Tears In The Cooling Fan is CGI printed on a 6m2 satin banner. This banner is placed in a kinetic installation involving wind, causing the shiny fabric to softly move. The work aims to showcase the manufacturability of melancholy. As a self-proclaimed narcissist, Couzijn finds that his sadness is often designed to serve an existential desire to find meaning behind the ruins of self-satisfying self-destruction. 

Curated by Lukas Feireiss (Melkweg Expo) and Symbyosys (De School).


Static CGI, rendered in 3D software, printed on textile
+ Computer-controlled wind machine.