Bring Back The Logitech, 2017

Dynamic CGI, rendered in 3D software
+ green screen video editing and live webcam interaction.

An interactive video installation that examines the relationship between media technology and social interaction. Technology is no longer a machine which can take over one single action; it has become an extension of our personality. The fantasy of technology having a mind of its own and its own willpower is rapidly becoming a reality. Emotionality is the new stage in our eternal search for artificial intelligence. This installation gives shape to a playful imitation of life by technology and its desire for emotional interaction in which the viewer can participate and interfere.

Bring back the Logitech was made in collaboration with Joeri Woudstra for the Royal Theatre in The Hague and was part of the exhibition Apocalypse, a working title in Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo.

Curated by John de Weerd (Royal Theatre) and Valentina Gal, Sjors Bindels (Museum van Bommel van Dam).

For inquiries: thomas@plus-one.be.

Duration: 10 min (loop).